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Drivesett Argent Circle set in a Drivesett Argent driveway with a feature band

A Drivesett Argent Circle by Cambridge Block Paving looks stunning at the heart of a modern granite look driveway.  It achieves a premium granite look at a more affordable price and with a lower carbon footprint.

The versatile Drivesett Argent Circle can be used to break up uniformity of large areas and create a focal point in Argent Driveways.

Available in the classic Argent colours, the circle will co-ordinate perfectly with the entire Drivesett Argent range.

• Premium modern granite look at a cost-effective price.

• Available in classic Argent colours, to co-ordinate perfectly across the whole Drivesett Argent range.

• Lower carbon footprint than ever before.