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Gravel Driveways

Gravel driveways are a popular choices for driveways.

The advantages are:

  • It's cheap, easy to install, low maintenance and it looks good
  • The crunch of gravel can be  good security, easily alerting  you to people on your property
  • Gravel comes in a wide variety of colour, texture and size. 

The disadvantages are:

  • You can't install a gravel drive on a gradient
  • It will need topping up when the stones bed down
  • The gravel needs containing at the edge or it will spread
  • Dust, dirt and weeds produce maintenance

When choosing a loose gravel drive, it is vital to select the correct size and type of aggregate.  Without expert assistance, making an uniformed choice may result in the surface degrading quickly after prolonged vehicle use.

At Cambridge Block Paving you can rely on us to offer you the best advice which will provide you with a long lasting driveway solution.  Contact us for more information now.